Thursday, July 30, 2009

What are clinical trials?

See the Patient's Guide to Minority Participation in Clinical Trials according to the Hormone Foundation.

Increasing Minority Participation in Clinical Research

Read the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism and learn how to increase the minority participation in clinical research.

Hip-Hop for the Heart Sends a culturally sensitive Message

The story highlights by Sabriya Rice, CNN Medical Producer, can be found here.
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for most minority groups
  • Culturally sensitive messages may help change health outcomes for next generation
  • Genetics can influence both predisposition to disease and treatment type

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Diversifying into Life Sciences

Francis Jones, President/CEO of Innovative Clinical Concepts, was quoted in an article in the Indianapolis Business Journal discussing minority business obstacles in the life sciences arena.

Francis spent 34 years at Lilly conducting and managing clinical trials before founding Innovative Clinical Concepts LLC on East 86th Street in 2003.

Francis aims to recruit minority patients for human trials, which would provide a more diverse test population and, quite possibly, more accurate results. However, convincing large pharmaceutical makers of that need has been difficult. Moreover, most drug companies contract with much larger competitors to conduct trials. “Being a minority in health care, where there is some perception of our capability as to actually doing that type of work, that is a problem,” Jones said. Asked whether she’s had nibbles from Lilly, Jones would only say, “It’s been very difficult across the board.” Read more.

Five Hypertension Genes Found in Black Americans

Federal researchers have identified five genetic variants associated with high blood pressure in Black Americans. Read more.